Sunday, September 12, 2010

4th day of my blog

Good morning fellows.

Ok, it´s not morning... 1 pm. But i just woke up and couldn´t wait to write new content in my blog. As i already mentioned yesterday, i am gonna have a little diary about me and my blogs progress.

I am happy that so many people follow my blog. 75 followers in 4 days is just awesome. It keeps my moral up to post more pictures, videos, text, etc.

Best thing about my sunday is that i am sick. Headache and flu. Best combination you can get for a sunday. I am not allowed to leave my house, as sad as it sounds. I mean, it´s sad for me :)

So, what´s my plan for today:

-As always new videos, pictures, news, etc.
-Find some new followers. I hope i can get 100 within 7 days.
-I thought about to post some videos of myself. But that won´t work, ´cause my english sucks :) Gonna cross it out of my to-do-list. Nevermind.
-At the beginning of everydays diary, i am going to put the picture of the day.
-Lie in my bad.
-Aaaaand of course, feed my dog!

Got all time to do that, so i´ll be looking for a nice video to post you, aswell as pictures.

I have been watching YouTube-Videos of Ray William Johnson and he has a nice finish to end his videos by asking questions to his visitors. But strange questions. So i´ll be putting some weird questions in my diaries and you can answer them, if you want to :)

That´s about it for todays diary. Hope you keep visiting my blog and stay tuned.

Todays Question: What´s your weirdest dream?



  1. cool story bro :D
    supportin :D

    check this too

  2. thx for love, supportan and klickan

    check me out bros

  3. Showing some support.

    Visit my blog(s) please :)

  4. Interesting,nice post,supportin'

  5. great story mate.
    Showing my daily love

  6. hmm, you should start taking daily vitamins, I have been taking them for like 8 months and i havent been even a hint of sick since I started taking them.

  7. i am hardly sick but dunno why i am now

    but thanks for the tip bro