Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a great start!

Good morning felows :)

It´s weekend!!! Slept til 11 am, had breakfast and now sitting with an ice coffee in my hand to write you what I just realized... IT´S WEEKEND :)

So, what´s my plan for today:

- Of course get some new content in my blog, aswell as on my blog on the site.
- Get some new followers and post stuff on others blogs.
- Add some new videos/pics.
- Introduce a new pc game. (Not sure what, but I should find one)
- Change my blog site. Speaking of Order. I´ll try to make it look better.
- Feed my dog.

It will take me couple of hours again, but it´s not a problem. As i already mentioned, it´s weekend, got a lot of time and patience. I want to make it the top 100 bloggers ! And i started 2 days ago and I like it so far. Don´t know about you, but im progressing :)

So guys. That´s my first post about me and i am going to write about me every day, like a diary.
Thanks for reading this and stay tuned to my blog :)


P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)


  1. 11am breakfast sounds good.


  2. Following and supporting, comrade. Can't wait to see more from ya ^^

  3. you are a good man!!!

    givin u some daily love!

  4. im starving, its 8am.... going to get food now.... i want to get dexter a cone for his head since his fat ass eats all the time.

  5. interesting