Friday, September 10, 2010

What´s Heroes of Newerth (PC)

So, what´s Heroes of Newerth?

Heroes of Newerth (HoN)  is a game by S2 Games which is heavily based on the Warcraft III scenario Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

Everyone who has played DotA, knows what HoN is about. But i´m gonna explain, what this actually is:

.) It´s for PC

.) Only online playable

.) Strategy game with 5 players each team (only 2 teams)

.) You have to pay before you can login.

The game is simple made. The 2 teams who are playing against each other have 5 players each. So 10 players are on the battlefield. Every of these players can select a hero from the pool, before the actual game starts. The point in it is, to find 5 heroes who synergy in fights together, to delete the other team. Every hero has unlimited life after it dies, but every level he gets, the respawn time increases. Level 25 is max. These heroes have 4 different abilities, each cost mana to cast, some of them are passive. Every level you get, you can push your ability to get stronger in battles, but you have to choose wisely. This you will learn after playing some games of HoN, experience needed.

The map looks like this:

On the bot left corner is the shrine of the Legion´s side, on the top right is the shrine of the Hellbourne´s side.
The three yellow lines are the lanes. On this lanes creeps walk towards the enemies shrine. On their way there, they have to face the creeps, who respawn on the enemies side. So they meet at one point. If a creep dies you get experience. If you hit the creep before it dies, you will get money for it. So practice last hitting creeps to get a large advantage over your enemy.

The goal is to kill the enemies shrine, who is protected by towers. You have to get levels and get items, to be succesfull in game. There are several ways to get money:

- Kill the enemies heroes.
- Kill the creeps who respawn every 30 seconds and walk towards the shrine.
- Kill some passive and stronger creeps in the jungle. The jungle is outside the lanes on each side.
- Kill the boss called Kongor (It´s a big monster who is hard to kill and is neutral and passive, waiting on a point on the map.)

I would suggest you to start the tutorial ingame, it explains the way like i did, but much more detailed. A big NO-NO is to watch some replays/videos on YouTube. You can do it, but you won´t understand anything what is happening right now while watching. The graphics looks fine, but you really have to play the game on your own, learn every heroes abilities, learn what items are good for a hero and how to use it. After you have acomplished that, you will have a lot of fun playing this awesome game. It will be much more fun, if you have some friends and play as a team together.

After some months played, i would suggest you to watch replays from profesional clans and watch their playstyle and learn a lot. (Honcast is the best site for it)

Go to Honcast

There is so much to tell about this game, but it should just be an introduction like i will present you some other games. I hope you will have fun playing this awesome game, the money to pay for it will be worth it.


Sorry for my bad english :)


  1. i always play devourer, funnest hooks ever

  2. DotA still > HoN imo
    Valve's DotA with IceFrog should be awesome though