Monday, September 13, 2010

5th day of my blog

Hello fellows.

First of all, here´s the pic of the day!
Lets say, miniclip :)

So, i am still sick. Lying in my bad, watching my blog, doing nothing. My exciting life at the moment.
But, i had so much time to find a nice YouTube-Clip, that i am going to post in couple of hours.

´Cause i was at home the whole morning, and i am going to be til tomorrow, i won´t have a nice content to write.

I have to mention my followers. Soon 100! I should plan a surprise for you, when i get 100 followers. But dunno what. Maybe a good video? Let´s see.

That´s it for my lil diary. Nothing interesting, waiting to get better.

Question of the day: What do you do, when you are ill and you can´t leave your house?


  1. nice,supportin' every day
    Please do aswell

  2. I just stay in bed as much as I can and drink plenty of tea and eat well.

  3. Great stuff man, I appreciate everything you are doing here :)

  4. if i'm sick i'll just laze around on the computer, unless i'm too sick to even get out of bed and then i turn my family into my slaves :3

    anyway, just showing some love :)

  5. Awesome blog, bro. now following
    showing some daily support, hope you can return the favor =]

  6. nice post

    come VIEW my blog bro

  7. Be exciting!!!! And super cute cat gif

  8. try and try he'll ever get to the top!

  9. lol. cool cat

    i use a laptop so when im sick i can mess about on it from bed. lol
    that or playstation

  10. supportin!

    check this too to find new interesting blogs to luv daily :D

  11. it's that time of the day again.

  12. Supportin you dude !